Monday, 26 January 2015

Campaign launched to deal with problem of abandoned fishing gear

World Animal Protection (WAP) has launched a campaign it is calling the Global Ghost Gear Initiative to unite people with the expertise, influence and power to tackle the problem of discarded fishing gear.

‘Ghost gear’ is the term used to describe fishing equipment that has been lost, abandoned or discarded in the worlds’ oceans. It includes fishing nets, ropes, pots and traps.

Ghost gear represents one of the biggest threats to marine life as it can entangle, injure and lead to the deaths of millions of animals every year. 

Most fishing gear is made out of plastic and any that is accidentally or deliberately dropped into the ocean will persist for centuries.

An estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear – around 10 per cent of total marine debris – is added to our oceans annually. Combined, it weighs more than the Titanic.

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