Monday 1 February 2016

Spider Shows Off His Big Paddle to Woo Mates

by Tia Ghose, Senior Writer   |   January 22, 2016 09:14am ET

Males of the human variety may spend hours at the gym bulking up to attract the ladies, but that's nothing compared to the efforts of a new spider species from Australia.

This little brown spider sports a massive, paddlelike appendage on its legs that it flashes at females to woo mates, new research has revealed.

The new spider speciesJotus remus, can do this paddle "peekaboo" routine for hours, all to get female spiders to accept its advances. The paddle seems to be a way of separating the fertile females from those that have no interest in mating, said Jürgen Otto, the biologist who discovered the oddball spider. 

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