Monday 25 April 2016

This new moth has an explosive way of fending off bats

Meet a new moth with an extraordinary ability, nicknamed "the spider moth"

By Zoe Gough16 April 2016

Discovering a new species is always exciting, particularly one that uses an explosion of a sticky, wool-like material to defend itself.

This unique way of defeating predators involves the moth producing something resembling spider silk, earning it the affectionate nickname of "the spider moth”.

It is also the first time that this explosive tactic has been documented being used by a moth to escape predatory bats, according to the scientist that discovered it.

The behaviour was filmed by the team behind the BBC / PBS co-production series Life in the Air and can be seen in the clip above.

The new moth was discovered near to Cosanga in Equador in August, 2014.

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