Monday 21 June 2010

Archaeology: Central Europe’s Oldest Cave Drawings Found in Romania

16 June 2010 | A group of Romanian speleologists recently discovered in a cave in north-western Romania a series of drawings from the Palaeolithic Period, thought to be the oldest of their kind in Central Europe.

The cave drawings were found in the Coliboaia cave in the Bihorului Mountains, on the territory of the Apuseni National Park, the Mediafax news agency reported recently.

According to the speleology experts, the newly discovered drawings portray a variety of animals, including a bison, a horse, a bear’s head, two rhinoceroses and members of the cat family. An image of a female torso was also found, which is throught to have a symbolic role.

The drawings’ authenticity, according to the publication, was confirmed by a team of specialists.

“This is the first time in Central Europe that such old cave art has been found,” the president of the Romanian Speleology Federation, Viorel Lascu, told the publication.

According to him, the drawings belong to the Gravettian or the Aurignacian culture, which puts them at between 23,000 and 35,000 years of age. “This find is especially valuable,” Lascu concluded.
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