Friday 18 June 2010

Farmers amazed by sheep 'slippers'

RIGHT: Mr Hughes with one of the speak grass seed 'shoes' he found on the feet of a sheep. (ABC Local: Julia Harris)
By Chrissy Arthur
Updated Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:48am AEST

A south-west Queensland grazier says there is so much grass around, it is sticking to the wool around the sheep's legs, making the animals look like they are wearing "big slippers".

Andrew Hughes from Autumnvale near Thargomindah says the best season in 30 years has resulted in the unusual problem among his sheep flock.

Mr Hughes says it is creating the appearance the sheep are wearing boots.

"No one has ever seen them on the feet like this," he said.

"People have seen the grass seed get in the sheep's face when they stick their head down and into the feed but nothing this extreme.

"We've never seen this on our place in the 27 years we've been here, so it's quite amazing.

"It's sort of like a really big slipper, or work boot - they look like a human could put them on."

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