Thursday 22 April 2021

FFI: Devastating eruption in Saint Vincent


The volcano devastating communities and wildlife and leaving fear in its wake

It’s called La Soufriere. It sounds exotic, almost mystical. It was once painted by the renowned artist J. M. W. Turner.

But it’s anything but mystical or magical; it’s a four-thousand-foot stratovolcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent and it’s erupting - now. 

On Monday the largest eruption yet rocked the island, leaving 20,000 people homeless and thousands more in fear.

The island is choking. Tonnes of toxic ash are pouring down on homes and businesses, destroying lives and livelihoods. People are without water, electricity, and food supplies are short. This is a humanitarian and nature crisis not seen in this tropical paradise for generations.

Our appeal starts today. Please donate. 

Vast areas of forest and natural habitat are dying. Fragile ecosystems don’t stand a chance against the pyroclastic flows obliterating everything in their path. Hot ash spewing from the volcano is covering the island in darkness.

For endangered wildlife living around the volcano, the situation is devastating. 

Some of the island’s most iconic species, which include St Vincent parrots, whistling warblers, St Vincent blacksnakes and St Vincent frogs, have been found suffocating in ash. With no escape, they are dehydrated and on the edge. Now local foresters and conservation teams face a desperate race against time to find and rescue injured and starving animals.

Without urgent help, extinctions are a real possibility.

FFI never shirks its responsibilities - when we commit to a country, a town, a village - we’re in for the long haul. We’re 100% dedicated. Which is why our history is steeped in stories of stepping in and stepping up, facing the wreckage brought on by tsunamis and earthquakes.

Our partners on the island are anxious to assess the damage and rescue endangered wildlife, but lack the basic equipment to make it safe to do so. Rescued wildlife desperately need suitable enclosures, food and veterinary equipment. 

Over 100 personnel from the Forestry Department, working tirelessly to clear fallen trees and restore the nation’s water and power supplies, need respirator masks, medical supplies, flashlights and walkie-talkies to do their job safely.

Nobody knows when the eruptions will end, or how much further the damage will extend.

Winning this battle will be no mean feat. 

Your support is urgently needed by those on the front line working to save helpless species and restore essential water supplies and other services to the country. Your donation will allow the brave men and women to continue their vital work, and come to the rescue of the people and wildlife of St Vincent.


Please help the people and wildlife of St Vincent by donating to our appeal. If everyone reading this donates just £3, you could help rescue wildlife, restore vital water supplies and provide teams on the ground with essential safety equipment. 100% of your donation will reach the island. Thank you.

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