Thursday, 17 August 2017

RSPB hails natterjack toad 'baby boom' at Lodge reserve

7 August 2017
From the sectionBeds, Herts & Bucks

Natterjacks are distinguished from common toads by the yellow stripe along their back

One of the UK's rarest toads is thriving at a nature reserve despite unfavourable spring breeding conditions, conservationists claim.

About 500 natterjack toadlets have been counted at the RSPB's The Lodge reserve near Sandy, Bedfordshire, - fives times more toads than were counted in 2016.

Another 2,000 tadpoles have also been identified and were an indication of a "baby boom", the charity said.

The protected toads are only found at 60 sites in the UK.

In 2016 just 100 toadlets emerged from the pools at the reserve, and fewer than 100 were counted the year before, warden Lizzie Bruce said.

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