Saturday, 28 August 2010

Guinea pig saved from escaped snake

27 August 2010

An escaped snake has been caught just moments before it was about to eat a pet guinea pig.

Diego the boa constrictor escaped from his enclosure at his owner Aaron Waymont's house almost a month ago sparking a neighbourhood-wide search in Wickford, Essex, England.

After Diego made his escape police warned local residents to watch out for the killer reptile - which weighs around 63lbs and is capable of eating a small pet or even a baby.

Aaron was relieved to find the serpent in his own garden just as Diego was about to devour one of his beloved guinea pigs and has now promised to keep him under lock and key.

Aaron said: "I knew he'd still be around here. Everyone can relax now. I've ordered a bigger vivarium with reinforced glass and two locks on it. There's no way he's going anywhere again."

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