Sunday, 27 February 2011

Doggone if it's not a yeti hurtling down the ski slopes

By Daily Mail Reporter
Snowboarder and keen photographer Mikhail Kristev
did a double-take when he saw a furry, bulky shadow
come speeding down the mountain towards him
Last updated at 4:38 PM on 23rd February 2011

A skier in the Swiss Alps received the fright of his life when a 'yeti' seemingly came speeding down a mountain towards him.

Mikhail Kristev could have been forgiven for thinking it was the Abominable Snowman hurtling down the mountain while he was on a snowboarding trip to the Swiss Alps.

Casually making his way up the snowy mountain he feared the legendary beast was hurtling towards him - but it turned out be one man and his dog.

Keen photographer Mr Kristev, 40, couldn't believe his eyes as the skier whizzed by with the pooch on his shoulders.

He said: 'They were travelling at some speed and I'll admit I feared the worst - I thought something was going to attack me as I could hear unusual noises for a mountain.

'But as the shadow got closer to me and even bigger, the skier came round the corner with a barking dog on his shoulder.

'I found it so funny I had to take some pictures. It was an unusual sight either way in the end I suppose.'

Mr Kristev, from Moscow, Russia, likes to combine his two hobbies - photography and winter sports - together on trips.

He said he only spotted this hilarious sight because of the scary noises which later turned out to be the yelping Alsatian.

He added: 'I was just off the main ski route on my way upwards when I heard the funny pair come from behind me and speed past.

'It was the noises I heard first before the shadow started creeping round - I was very worried when I saw it.

'It's a long way up so my heart was already pounding but this sent it over the top.

'Looking back at it - it's really funny I suppose.

The Swiss Alps are the part of the Alps mountain range lying within Switzerland. The highest summit is Monte Rosa at 15,202ft while the highest mountain entirely on Swiss territory is the Dom at 14,911ft.

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