Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fox uses conveyor belt as fun slide

Some animals do the darnedest of things - like this smiling fox, who was captured using an abandoned conveyor belt as a play slide.

The four-legged scavenger was spotted by photographer Duncan Usher while he was in the German village of Bursfelde, taking pictures in an unused gravel quarry.
According to Usher, the fox loves to speed down the chute and actually trotted back to the top several more times while he was taking pictures.

Most UK residents hate the thought of returning home late at night to find the dreaded urban fox rummaging through their bin.

But it seems this little character would be most welcome on the streets.
Another animal recently partaking in human-esque activities was one clever orangutan from Japan, who used a wash cloth to clean his face and cool down during the heat of the day.
The amazing footage was captured by a stunned guest visiting the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo and the clip has since gone viral across the world.

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