Monday, 31 October 2011

First BTO Cuckoo crosses the Equator

All 5 cuckoos now in Central Africa
October 2011. Kasper has become the first of the 5 cuckoos that BTO are tracking to cross the Equator and he is now the most southerly Cuckoo! Having moved rapidly south, by the morning of 23 October, he was in the savannas of southern Congo, about 50km north of the capital Brazzaville. He seems to have taken a route that minimises the distance across the rainforest.

Is Congo their final destination?
Meanwhile, Lyster, despite being the last Cuckoo to leave the UK, has leap-frogged Clement and is now further south than both him and Martin! Having left Burkina Faso, Lyster was located in southern Nigeria on the 24 October, and has now travelled along the western edge of Cameroon, in to Gabon (see orange route on maps). Kasper also stopped in Gabon for four days before moving in to Congo. Lyster is now in the massive area that is the Congo rainforest, in which Kasper, Martin and Chris are also located. Kasper and Chris though, are in Congo itself, while Martin is in the Central African Republic. Clement remains in Nigeria.

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