Friday, 27 January 2012

VIDEO: Clever crows show remarkable ability to use tools to improve their lives

Crows can sled down roofs, of course, but distinguish between styrofoam and rocks to help make their lives easier to eat? They can do that too, according to new research.

Crows are often believed to be one of the smartest species of birds.

A video of a crow learning the best way to sled down a roof, for example, popped up recently. But a team of researchers in New Caledonia have discovered that crows are also adept at using tools to get food.

In an experiment, scientists discovered that crows not only know how to use tools to help themselves, they know how to use the right tool.

When presented with styrofoam "rocks" and regular rocks, as well as rubber balls, the crows would discard the styrofoam and use the rocks and rubber balls to help them get to food that was beyond their reach.

Scientists had not expected these New Caledonian crows to be able to differentiate among the different types of similarly-sized and shaped objects.

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