Wednesday 22 February 2012


One big scaredy-cat! Mountain lion chased up tree by DOG
Daily Mail
A state biologist had arrived to monitor the big cat, but said he was never a threat. 'The dog didn't know what he was chasing,' Janice Mackey, from the Department of Fish and Game told the San Fransisco Chronicle. 'The dog didn't know what he was ...

Dog Chases Mountain Lion Up Los Altos Tree
NBC Bay Area
By Bob Redell
A German Shepard named Cody chased a big cat up a tree this morning. Fish and Game got involved because the "big cat" was actually a mountain lion. Reporter Bob Redell has the story. A dog chased a cat up a tree Tuesday morning in Los ...

Wildcats spotted in Yarra Ranges
Free Press Leader
Picture: STEVE TANNER N34FP308
YARRA Ranges residents believe pumas are not the only big cats to roam the hills. Healesville farmer Ken Lang believes there are both leopards and pumas living in the area. >> Have you seen or heard of any big cats in the ...

Do You Understand Cat Body Language?
by Jo Singer Do you know how to talk with your cats? Are you fluent in feline body language and do you understand what your kitty is trying to tell you with his actions? Do you know why your cat rubs up against you, slowly blinks at you or suddenly ...

Push to get feral cats sterilized
The Seattle Times
Called ear-tipping, the ASPCA says it is a safe and easy way to identify which feral cats have been sterilized. No comments have been posted to this article. LOS ANGELES — Cat owners have done a good job spaying and neutering their pets. The big issue ...

Feral cat questions leave animal lovers torn
Journal Express
PLATTSBURGH, NY — When Carol Myette moved to her mobile home park here, she wasn't planning to share her property with 13 feral cats. “The problem has been here since I moved in,” she said. “I'ma big softy. I started taking care of them; ...

Alan Turing's tiger-stripe theory confirmed, say researchers
CBS News
Scientists in England say they've figured out the biological mechanisms behind the big cat's trademark look - and it's a bit more complicated than one of Kipling's Just So Stories. According to researchers at King's College London, their findings, ...

Dog chases mountain lion into tree
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
A state biologist arrived a short time later and monitored the big cat until it slunk down the tree and into the nearby open space. The mountain lion was never a threat, Mackey said. “The dog didn't know what he was chasing,” Mackey said.

More big cats reported across Indiana:
My total of big cat sightings is now up to 537 during the past 25 years. I have reports from almost every county in southern Indiana as well as from Illinois, ...

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