Monday, 28 May 2012

One lioness killed and another removed from Nairobi suburb

Plans to move lioness to national park underway after capture in Nairobi suburb
May 2012. A lioness that has been roaming in a Nairobi suburb has been captured and is being held at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Veterinary Laboratory in Nairobi for check-up pending a decision on the appropriate place to move her to. One of the places being considered is a national park in Northern Kenya. 

The lioness was successfully darted and captured by the KWS Capture Unit at Ndorobo Road area near Nairobi National Park following a report from a resident.
Four cubs captured after mother was killed
It's a second time in less than a week that a lion is captured after four cubs were captured last week. The cubs' mother was recently killed after she charged at rangers who were trying to dart her in an effort to capture her. 

It's suspected that the captured lioness was in company of the one that was killed. It's also believed that the killed one was the mother of the one in custody. 

Lion presence in Mukoma Road in Karen/Langata districts adjacent to Nairobi National Park has created fear among residents for the last couple of months. Seven lion traps were set for the purpose the lions evaded all of them. Efforts were being made to capture her on the day she was killed; sadly these failed when she aggressively charged at the rangers and veterinarians who were preparing to dart her. 

The four healthy young cubs have been successively rescued and are currently at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

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