Friday, 24 August 2012

The secret life of seabirds

They scoot the skies, and ride the waves, journeying far into a salty wind.
Birds not of land, or sky alone, but the channels, oceans and sea.
Seabirds hold a particular place in our affections. Bridging land and ocean like no other animal, they have become the subjects of poetry, books and film.
But their supposed abundance and place in our popular culture belies an underlying truth; that we still know very little about many of our sea-faring feathered friends.
Recent research is now helping to rectify that; revealing new insights into the lives of petrels, puffins and penguins, and how supposed land-loving birds are secret seabirds too.
Perhaps the biggest discovery though, is that seabird colonies have a previously unknown, global impact on the environment.
A world of poo
British researchers have conducted the first global assessment of how much ammonia is produced by seabird colonies.

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