Thursday, 20 September 2012

City tweaks rewrite of animal ordinance

Dog and cat owners in Battle Creek could get a break on the forced sterilization of their impounded pets under a new plan for the city’s stray animal ordinance.

The ordinance, which must still be drafted and voted on, would require sterilization after an animal was impounded a third time. If the owner agreed to have the pet spayed or neutered after the first impound, the owner would get a warning instead of being ticketed. A second offense would come with an increased fine, the cost of which could go toward sterilization.

The city’s current ordinance says animals over the age of six months must be sterilized before being released by the shelter, unless a veterinarian says it would jeopardize the animal’s health. The standards for age and the health exemption remained in sample wording prepared by City Attorney Eileen Wicklund for a commission workshop Monday.


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