Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Drones may be used to target 'illegal hunting'

It has been illegal to use dogs to hunt animals in England and Wales since 2005
Remote control aircraft could be used by an anti-hunting group to gather evidence of hunts breaking the law.

The League against Cruel Sports will use cameras mounted on the aircraft to monitor any illegal activity that would otherwise be difficult to film on the ground.

A charity spokeswoman said evidence would be collected and passed on to the police.

The Countryside Alliance said the idea was "completely impractical".

 “There are some really quite profound arguments going on about whether a non-governmental organisation should be able to carry out these sort of activities without proper scrutiny”  Tim BonnerCountryside Alliance

A spokeswoman for the league said: "No one owns the upper stratum of airspace so provided the drones fly at a reasonable height so as not to cause a nuisance they will not be trespassing.

"We would only use this equipment if we believed illegal activity was taking place, we wouldn't just go out and monitor anybody."

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