Monday, 3 June 2013

Activists 'won’t blame’ anyone who harasses badger cull marksmen

By Steven Swinford and Rowena Mason

11:29PM BST 31 May 2013

From Saturday, up to 70 badgers a day are expected to be shot in an attempt to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis in parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire.

A group called Stop the Cull plans to use vuvuzelas, strobe lighting and loud music to scare the animals away, before taking photos of the marksmen to publish on the internet along with images of landowners who support the cull.

Protesters have also threatened to carry out citizen’s arrests and camp out near setts to protect badgers.

Jay Tiernan, of Stop the Cull, told The Telegraph: “I have always held this line of there shouldn’t be harassment and there shouldn’t be private property damage. But I have kind of stopped saying that recently because there have been badgers shot and dumped by the side of the road in Somerset.

“I wouldn’t blame people at all. I can fully understand why they would do it. Previously I would have condemned it, I’m not going to do that any more. The whole badger cull is shrouded in secrecy and being done on the quiet. Our aim is to make it public.”

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