Monday, 10 June 2013

Pig forces school lockdown

· 1st Jun 2013 6:39 AM

WITH A SQUEAL OF DELIGHT: Henry the pig and owner Karen Turner have a laugh at the day’s mishaps. John McCutcheon

THIS little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home.

And this little piggy caused a Sunshine Coast school to go into lockdown and stole 30 sandwiches.

Meet Henry, the Coast's most mischievous pig.

The one-year-old black razorback caused a minor sensation when he ambled into North Arm State School and got snout-deep in mischief.

Owner Karen Turner said the family pet meant no harm and it was just a case of pigs being pigs.

The commotion happened when Henry dug his way under the fence of the family property and meandered across the road in search of Ms Turner's son, Tomas, a Year 4 student at the school.

The alarm was raised when Henry came across a group of kids carrying a basket full of school lunches.

The startled students stopped in their tracks and dropped the sandwiches, which Henry took as an invitation to a free feed.

The situation lurched from odd to bizarre when the school was placed in lockdown for the next 30 minutes.

"The funny thing is the school was preparing to have a lockdown drill later in the day," Ms Turner said.

"The school has a new principal and a new groundsman, who don't really know him (Henry).

"They didn't know what to do so they just called the lockdown early."

The situation was defused when school tuckshop convenor Rebecca Aragona led Henry into an empty chook pen, where he polished off a rubbish bin full of chicken feed.

Ms Turner said Henry, who she estimates tips the scales at 80kg, meant no harm, describing him as a member of the family and like "a little human".

She said her nine-year-old son was allowed to ride on his back and Henry sometimes slept in her bed - although he has outgrown that in recent months.

"He's my son's pet and he used to sleep in my bed until he got too big," she said.

"He's lived inside the house.

"He loves the children. My son rides on his back.

"There's a swing set out back and he pushed Tomas on the swing.

"He is like a little person. He even comes when he's called."

North Arm State School will tomorrow host its annual Fun Fair, which will feature pig races.

Henry will not be racing.

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