Saturday, 21 September 2013

Let him eat cake! 'Granddad' the fish celebrates 80 years at aquarium

Oh, Granddad. If your gills could talk.

You traveled all the way from Sydney, Australia to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago back in 1933 so you could dazzle visitors to the “Century of Progress” World’s Fair. Most of the little boys who gawked at you then wore suspenders; the little girls wore dresses with wide collars.

Your wise demeanor and prehistoric appearance have cheered people up through the Great Depression, World War II, the race riots of the 1960s, the Vietnam War and beyond — and on Tuesday, you got a rare tribute: A celebration honoring you as the oldest fish in any zoo or aquarium on the planet.

Yes, Granddad the Australian lungfish has been swimming his way into visitors’ hearts at the Shedd Aquarium for 80 years now. Officials in Chicago and around the world are so excited about his happy, healthy tenure that they issued a formal proclamation about Granddad on Tuesday and surprised him with a visit from the Consul General of Australia, The Honorable Roger Price.

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