Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hate mail for caviar producer accusing him of dumping unwanted fish in North Devon

By North Devon Journal | Posted: April 17, 2014
A NORTH Devon sturgeon farmer producing caviar for some of the UK's top restaurants has received hate mail which accuses him of dumping unwanted fish.

However Ken Benning, owner of Exmoor Caviar, has hit back at the claims, and has said smoked sturgeon is itself in demand at restaurants across the country.

Mr Benning, who is producing Britain’s first commercially-grown caviar, said: "We’ve had some nasty emails from misinformed people.

"There’s a general perception that the fish is killed purely for its eggs – the caviar – and then thrown away. But that’s completely not true.

"None of our fish is wasted. Even the heads are boiled up for stock.

"Sturgeon meat is wonderfully fatty and perfect for smoking. The caviar has all the glamour and the luxury image but smoked sturgeon is absolutely crucial to our business."

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