Sunday, 18 January 2015

Is Lush Cosmetics celebrating environmental crimes?

Lush Cosmetics have been effective at portraying themselves as a green and ethical company. But even those companies that guard their reputations make the occasional blunder. So it seems with Lush Cosmetics.

Their new sandalwood inspired perfumes is called Smugglers Soul. The perfume is inspired by Indian Sandalwood and would appear to be just another perfume… until you take a closer look at the packaging.

There clearly displayed on the label is a picture of notorious Indian poacher Veerappan. The story that goes with the perfume is even more explicit with Veerappan holing up his gun that he used to use to kill elephants and the story of the sandalwood smugglers.

Veerappan was not just an elephant killer and ivory poacher he was regularly involved in the illegal logging trade targeting the high-value sandalwood trees.

Veerappan was killed by police in 2004 but not before killing over 200 elephants. He and his small army of bandits are also known to have killed 184 people. His reign of death including killing police and wildlife rangers sent out to protect the elephants.

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