Thursday, 12 February 2015

Peta calls for aquarium's cafe to take fish off the menu saying 'it's like serving monkey nuggets at a zoo'

The animal rights group writes on behalf of 'all the fish in the sea' to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Devon, saying the fact it serves seafood is 'odd'

By Agency
8:29AM GMT 12 Feb 2015

The National Marine Aquarium has come to blows with an animal rights group for serving fish in its restaurant.

It received an angry letter from Peta condemning the popular attraction for offering visitors fish-based meals.

The letter, written on behalf of "all the fish in the sea", compares selling seafood at the aquarium to "serving monkey nuggets at a zoo".

Peta's specialist project manager Dawn Carr said: "The National Marine Aquarium advertises itself as a place where people can cultivate an understanding of and admiration for sea animals.

"Yet after inviting people to look on these glorious, fascinating animals in awe, it's odd that your cafe then invites people to stick a fork in them.

"Serving fish in an aquarium is like serving monkey nuggets at a zoo."

Peta is calling for the aquarium to take fish off the menu - and suggests the attraction instead serves vegetarian options such as fish-free fish fingers, faux-fish cakes and vegetarian prawns.

"The fact remains that the seafood in your cafs is made from living sea animals who treasured life and were needlessly subjected to pain and fear," it adds.

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