Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Kangaroo attacks and injures two cyclists in South Australia

The suspected male buck jumped on to Sharon Heinrich and her friend when they paused on a cycle tour of the Reisling Trail in Clare Valley
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Monday 30 May 201606.15 BSTLast modified on Tuesday 31 May 201610.05 BST

Two women have been attacked by a kangaroo while cycling in South Australia’s wine country.

Sharon Heinrich, 45, suffered cracked ribs and internal injuries while Helen Salter, 47, was concussed after being attacked along the Riesling Trail in Clare Valley.

“Just out of the corner of my eye I’ve seen this kangaroo up on this ledge. I thought ‘he’s cute’ ... and then he jumped on top of me and used me to launch off and on to my girlfriend,” Heinrich said.

“We flew probably one-and-a-half metres after he hit us. I was on the ground and couldn’t breathe for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t talk,” she said.

“Helen got up and she stayed with me until I could breathe, got on my bike and rode to a business about half a kilometre away [at Penwortham].”

Heinrich believed the kangaroo was a male buck, judging by its size.

“I’m 5ft 4in and he was taller than me, and so heavy,” she told the Northern Argus newspaper. “Once he landed on me, he used me to launch off again, which caused more damage.”

Heinrich, who lives in the region, said she would require surgery to fix the injuries.

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