Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Kangaroo stuns couple by smashing through window and jumping on bed

Victorian couple, who were having a Sunday morning lie-in, pursued marsupial through house as it banged into furniture and tried to escape through closed windows

Australian Associated Press
Monday 19 December 2016 04.36 GMT Last modified on Monday 19 December 201605.47 GMT

A Victorian couple was left stunned when a kangaroo landed on their bed after crashing through the window of their Torquay home.

Bill and Norma McConnell were enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in when the kangaroo bounced on to their bed.

“It’s obviously had the momentum to jump through the window and virtually land on top of Norma, only a few feet from her face,” Bill McConnell told 3AW radio.

The kangaroo kept going, bounding off the bed, through the bedroom door and down the passageway. “It took a while to realise it was, in fact, a kangaroo,” McConnell said.

He gave chase, watching the marsupial bang into furniture as it tried to escape through closed windows. “I picked up a chair, like a lion tamer, to protect myself just in case,” McConnell said. “It then hit the TV … and then it just sat behind a chair”.

After getting its bearings, the roo found the back door open and skipped off into the morning light, sailing over a two-metre fence on its way.

“I am just lucky we weren’t hurt,” McConnell said.

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