Thursday, 14 September 2017

You Can't Kill Bigfoot in Washington and More Odd Animal Laws

The United States has some pretty peculiar regulations when it comes to wildlife—real or imagined.

Mexican free-tailed bats sail through the night sky in Texas. People in that state can kill the animals if they're inside the house or on the roof.


Wild animals are pretty good at defending themselves, but humans try to provide them with legal protections, too.

The California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund works to prevent animal abuse and strengthen anti-cruelty laws, but they also have a lighter side, regularly releasing their Top Ten Weirdest Animal Laws on the Books.

The U.S. laws show all the many ways we relate to animals, as pets, property, food, co-workers, friends, and more, says David Rosengard, the fund's staff attorney.

For instance, in Juneau, Alaska, you can't take a dog with you into a beauty salon or barbershop; if you're going hunting in West Virginia, don't be tempted to take along your ferret for help.

Some of these laws are indeed kooky, but others have got horse sense.

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