Thursday, 9 November 2017

Three-toed footprints reveal 'very large' dinosaur roamed southern Africa

Meat-eating animal was four times the size of a lion – the biggest predator living in southern Africa today

Dr Fabien Knoll from the University of Manchester poses with the footprints in South Africa University of Manchester

Scientists have discovered the first evidence of a huge, meat-eating dinosaur that roamed southern Africa around 200 million years ago.

Several three-toed footprints left by the two-legged "megatheropod" - an early forerunner of Tyrannosaurus rex - were found near the site of a prehistoric watering hole or river bank in the kingdom of Lesotho.

Experts calculated that the creature would have been around nine metres (30ft) long and stood almost three metres (9.8ft) tall at the hip.

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