Sunday 30 June 2019

Australian zoo opens global campaign to save Komodo dragon – via Herp Digest

Source: Xinhua, 6/26/19, Editor: Wu Qin

SYDNEY, June 26 (Xinhua) -- The Australian Reptile Park launched a crowdfunding appeal on Tuesday night to help save the Komodo dragon, a species which is desperately threatened in the wild largely due to the activities of humans.

All the money raised by the park, which is located north of Sydney, will support the Komodo Survival Program which aims to devise management and conservation plans for the dragons and their natural habitat based on sound biological studies.

Despite being the world's largest lizard, weighing over 100 kg and reaching three to four meters in length, factors such as human encroachment, poaching, natural disasters and a shortage of egg laying females have left the species officially classified as "vulnerable," with around 6,000 surviving wild individuals.

"They're absolutely incredible creatures but they are really struggling in the wild," Australian Reptile Park's Head of Reptiles Daniel Rumsey said in a statement.

"That's why the Australian Reptile Park decided to highlight the work that the Komodo Survival Program is doing and encouraging the public to support this incredible charity.”

The park's resident Komodo dragons, Kraken and Daenerys will act as ambassadors for their species, helping to raise the awareness of their hundreds of thousands of visitors, highlighting how special and unique these cold-blooded creatures are.

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