Wednesday 5 August 2020

Two New Australian Species of Abantiades

[Entomology • 2020] Abantiades cephalocorvus A. tembyi • Two New Australian Species of Abantiades Herrich-Schäffer (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) and Females of Two further Species with Notes on their Biogeography

Abantiades cephalocorvus 
 Moore, Beaver, Velasco-Castrillón & Stevens, 2020

Abantiades cephalocorvus sp. nov. and Abantiades tembyi sp. nov. are described, along with the previously undescribed females of A. macropusinsulariae Simonsen, 2018 and A. pallida Simonsen, 2018. All of these species belong to a triforked Abantiades Herrich-Schäffer clade that is loosely centred around the Nullarbor and other arid regions of Australia. We explore DNA barcodes (mtDNA COI gene) from these and other Abantiades and discuss their significance for species recognition. The species distributions are entirely or largely allopatric and we discuss their origins from a widespread common ancestor that was likely distributed over inland and coastal regions in the mid- to late-Mesozoic before the onset of desertification. Notes on new distributional data for all of the known species in this clade are included.

Keywords: Lepidoptera, Australia, COI barcode, morphology, taxonomy, tripectinate

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