Friday 18 September 2020

NOVATAXA: A New Gecko Species (Squamata: Eublepharidae) from Guangxi, China


[Herpetology • 2020] Goniurosaurus gezhi • A New Gecko Species (Squamata: Eublepharidae) from Guangxi, China

Goniurosaurus gezhi Zhu, He & Li

in  Zhu, Chen, ... et He, 2020. 

Five species of geckos in the genus Goniurosaurus had been recorded from Guangxi, China. Here we describe a new species, Goniurosaurus gezhi sp. nov. Zhu, He & Li. The new species is similar to those found in Guangxi and Guizhou provinces of China and Northern Vietnam, but unique in a combination of the following characters: (1) three body bands between limb insertions; (2) precloacal pores 18–20; (3) body small (SVL=70.6–83.8 mm); (4) body color orange to yellow. We evaluated the phylogenetic position of this new species based on the 16S mitochondrial gene. Molecular phylogenies validate this new species as distinct to currently described lineages within Goniurosaurus. The type specimens are deposited in the Museum of Biology, East China Normal University (ECNU).

Keywords: Reptilia, Gekkota, taxonomy, 16S, karst, Guangxi, China

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