Tuesday 20 October 2020

BBC: Knot numbers hit record level at RSPB Snettisham


image caption"If I had a pound for every 'wow' and 'oh my god' I'd heard over the years... then I'd be a very rich man," said photographer Les Bunyan

The number of knot feeding and flying to create swirling dark clouds of birds on the Norfolk coast has reached record numbers.

For the first time about 140,000 have been seen on the RSPB reserve at Snettisham. The previous site record was 120,000 in the winter of 1990-91, the organisation said.

To see them is "just an extraordinary experience", said photographer Les Bunyan, who volunteers at the reserve on The Wash estuary.

"It's not just what you're looking at, it's also the sound you have to appreciate. When you get tens of thousands of birds flying around you - they make a lot of noise."

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