Saturday 14 November 2020

Is North Korea training military dolphins?

 Ocean life

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Marine mammals are said to be good students when it comes to locating and picking up various objects underwater. They are also much faster than humans, which suggested that dolphins could be a valuable addition to the armed forces. 

United States Naval Institute News (USNI News) has published a satellite image allegedly showing “animal pens” which HI Sutton, the author of the accompanying report, claims is footage proving that North Korea could be “training dolphins for military purposes".

According to Sutton, this programme dates back to at least October 2015, as he cites image intelligence from Nampo naval base located on the country’s west coast.

The structures allegedly spotted in the image could still be in use, Sutton says. However, the main “training” activity has now apparently moved further up the river, to a 2016 base where “the dolphins are bred”.

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