Sunday 31 January 2021

Update from Wild Justice


Good afternoon!
Here are several pieces of good news to end the week.
  1. Heather burning restrictions in England: if you were one of our many supporters who signed our e-action (with Hen Harrier Action and RSPB) last August you will have been pleased with the measures brought in before Christmas to license moorland management in Scotland and today brings long-overdue movement from DEFRA in England. Today's announcement isn't perfect, we need to read it carefully, but it is bringing in significant change and reform to moorland burning practices over a very wide area of upland England from Yorkshire to Lancashire and from Derbyshire to Northumberland. If you participated in our e-action you helped bring that about. Thank you.
 2. Badger petition: our e-petition has passed 91,000 signatures and is heading very rapidly for 100,000 which should generate a Westminster Hall parliamentary debate. If you haven't already signed, then please have a look and see whether you can add your support - click here - thank you.
 3. Wales, gamebirds and general licences: we have heard from the Welsh government that they are planning to introduce restrictions on gamebird releases next year. Wild Justice will be involved in those discussions. We are also going to meet NRW to discuss their next steps on general licences.
 4. Gamebird releases, England: following our successful legal challenge over gamebird releases DEFRA will issue a consultation in early February. We have been involved in discussions about this. We will be encouraging our supporters to respond to the consultation through a future newsletter a few days after the consultation is launched.
5. General licences, England:  changes to the system that have been brought in followig the Wild Justice legal challenge are beginning to bite. See this blog about how Natural England is beginning to clamp down on casual killing of birds - click here. It's a start.
If you like what we are doing then please consider making a donation through   PayPal, bank transfer or a cheque in the post - see details here.  A very small number of people have been put off donating to us through bank transfer because of a slightly scary message - there is nothing to worry about but see here for more details - click here.
That's it for now. Have a good weekend!

Wild Justice (Directors: Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay).
Photo credit: heather burning, Sarah Hanson.


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