Thursday, 3 June 2021

Save chimpanzees


In desperate need of a friend to stand up for them


That’s how much DNA you and I share with a chimpanzee - more than any other creature on Earth.

They are our closest kin in nature.

So why we still believe we can treat them so savagely - so inhumanely- is hard to understand.

Logging, mining, oil palm plantations, agricultural expansion, disease, oil pipelines, poaching for bushmeat, illegal wildlife trade.

Those are the threats we subject our closest relative to on a daily basis.

To share 98% of their DNA would suggest we might all know exactly how it feels when our treetop homes are ripped to the ground, while we cling on in desperation.

We would understand the fear inspired by the strange low rumbling of dangerous machinery invading our forests.

We would feel the confusion at the ominous sound of human voices, the prelude to being torn away from our family, never to be reunited - turned into bushmeat, or sold into the wildlife trade.

It is simply unacceptable.

We must take a stand - for them.

Through your donations we can ensure that rangers are well trained and adequately equipped to safeguard the remaining chimpanzees, while we work with governments to develop actions plans to protect and restore their forest habitat.

With your support we can stand up for our closest cousins, giving these critically endangered creatures a place of safety on our planet.


Please help them - we are rapidly running out of chimpanzees to protect. If everyone reading this donates just £3, you could help our anti-poaching and enforcement teams stop this barbaric and illegal trade, saving these endearing apes - and their entire species.

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