Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mysterious horse deaths have family seeking answers

Heidi Hemmat

Reporter KDVR Denver
November 18, 2010

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. -- A Colorado family is searching for answers after finding their horses carved up and left to die.

"I just started to cry," Glenda Schneider told FOX31 News.

Schneider discovered two of her horses had been mutilated, with their throats slit and their chests cut open. Their genitals, tongues and eyes had been removed.

Yet, there was no blood, no footprints, and no witnesses to the crime.

"You wonder what happened," Schneider said. "What took place? What did it?"

The Schneider‘s filed a report with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and they contacted paranormal investigator Chuck Zukowski.

Zukowski examined the horses and determined the horses died from unknown causes, and said there was plenty of evidence indicating the animals were mutilated.

"The straight cuts, the open rib cage, the flesh taken off. Those are red flags," Zukowski said. He believes UFO’s could be to blame.

The Schneider’s are not alone. Paranormal investigators say there have been 8 animal mutilation cases in Colorado in just the past year.

Hundreds of animal mutilation cases across the country have been documented since 1967.

But the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department disagrees with Zukowski's assertion.

They believe the horses were killed by predators, though they admit investigators weren’t able to examine the horses as closely as they would like to because the animals were so badly decomposed.

Still, the Schneider’s insist they know what predator attacks look like, and what happened to their horses is anything but.

They fear whatever killed their horses could come back, and it has shattered the peace on their quiet ranch.


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