Friday, 29 July 2011

articles on misidentifications of mystery aquatics (1) (Via Chad Arment)

July 23, 1955 — Diver solves mystery of 'sea monster': The mystery of Green Bay's "sea monster" apparently has been cleared up, thanks to the sharp eyesight of diver Wayne Truttman.

Truttman, who spends some of his leisure time in a cottage on the bayshore, said he definitely established the identity of the "monsters" (plural that is) Friday evening. He said the monsters are in reality two sturgeon, each about seven feet long, which apparently have been feeding in shallow water near the bay shore.

"I had a good look at them Friday evening," Truttman said. "They're definitely sturgeon."

Truttman said the appearance of a "double-humped monster" apparently was caused by the fins of the sturgeon protruding from the water.

Sheriff's Deputy Ray Delforge and other sheriff's officers said they had noticed the fish before, but were unable to establish their identity.

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