Friday, 29 July 2011

'Missing snake' strikes fear into quiet Swiss town

A flyer warning citizens to steer clear of "Jürg", a dangerous mamba gone missing, has thrown a quiet village in northern Switzerland into turmoil.

The flyer describing the sudden disappearance of the green mamba, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, has prompted hikers to stay off the walking tracks in the Anglikon area in Canton Aargau, said a report on the 20 Minuten newspaper.

“Do not try to catch Jürg; he is extremely poisonous,” read the flyer, followed by a detailed description of the snake’s glossy grass-green colour and other features.

However, this description turned out to have been taken straight from Wikipedia, leading authorities to start doubting the ad’s authenticity.

The internet reference, together with a fake area code in the contact number and the fact that no similar snakes appear in the local exotic animal register are likely signs that the flyer was just a joke, said the newspaper.

The regional police in Wohlen had started investigating the case, but then decided to drop the search for the reptile, it said.

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