Sunday, 7 August 2011

Stork baby delivery

The stork baby delivery service was working overtime to deliver these five babies to a nest in Burgenland, Austria, which experts are claiming is a sensation.

Stork expert Joachim Tajmel said: "I have once seen four storks born together, but five is really unique, it's great."

The quintuplet storks hatched out in the small Austrian village of Strem are just two weeks old and are yet to flee their nest.

Instead they enjoy looking at the view from their aerial nesting place. And waiting for their heard working parents to bring in fish, freshwater crabs and frogs.

The storks are expected to spread their wings and fly on their own by the middle of August - and will then migrate with their parents.

White Storks fly south from their summer breeding grounds in Europe in August and September, heading for Africa. There, they spend the winter on the savanna from Kenya and Uganda south to the Cape Province of South Africa

"In our region here in Austria we have great conditions for the storks, plenty of food that helps them survive and thrive even when there are five young."

Neighbour Marianne Geosits, who lives near the stork nest, is keeping a close eye on the hatchlings confimed nobody could remember ever having seen five babies in a single nest.

She said: "It is I hope a good sign and will bring good luck."

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