Friday, 13 January 2012

Grandfather, 58, dies after being stung by swarm of jellyfish in South Africa

A grandfather has died after being stung by a swarm of Portuguese Man o' Wars in South Africa.

Roland Singh, 58, collapsed after suffering severe anaphylactic shock when he was stung by the jellyfish-like creatures on Saturday as he swam with his granddaughter in the sea near Cape Town.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate the South African but he was declared dead at the scene.

Cape Town emergency spokesman Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said it was extremely rare for humans to be killed by the floating creatures, which are known in South Africa as Blue Bottles.
But he added: 'It is believed that the man suffered severe anaphylactic shock as a result of the sting by the blue bottle jellyfish.

'He was swimming with his friend at the beach when they realised they had been stung.
'They tried to come out of the water however the man found himself in distress.
'His friend recovered him from the water with the assistance of the lifeguards.
'Upon recovery the lifeguards initiated CPR until the arrival of the emergency services.
'The paramedics attempted to revive the man however their attempts were unsuccessful.' 
Mr Singh's family spoke about the tragedy to the Cape Times newspaper.

His future son-in-law Angus Petersen told how he was swimming just a few metres away from the grandfather off Cape Town's Strand beach when he hear Mr Singh screaming for help.

He said: 'He was swimming and playing in the shallow side with his two-year-old granddaughter.

'The next thing I heard was his son screaming to me to come and help.' Mr Petersen said he was also stung by Portuguese Man o' Wars as he tried to help his stricken relative.

He added: 'I tried to resuscitate him while they were waiting for the paramedics to arrive, but he just wasn't responding.


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