Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Working to protect wild leopards in South Africa outside of parks and reserves

The Ingwe Leopard Research team has a fresh focus for 2012.
During 2012 Ingwe will be focusing on two female leopards (Diamond and Grace). Both are free roaming leopards with eight-month-old cubs, both have relatively safe home ranges in the mountains outside of Lydenburg, South Africa, and both will need to teach their cubs how to survive in areas where not everyone appreciates leopards.
Ingwe operates outside of formally protected areas such as national parks and game reserves, where leopards are one the last of the big cats still roaming free.

The cubs face hazards from a number of human conflict issues including poachers' snares and poison, local and international hunters, and an isolated number of livestock owners who still consider leopards as vermin.
As the cubs grow and leave their mothers protection, the Ingwe team aims to follow their progress and work with the local community and authorities, to help to protect them and raise awareness of the plight of free roaming leopards in South Africa. Join the Ingwe team and be part of this unfolding story. www.ingweleopard.com
Written by Will Fox - Ingwe leopard Research Manager

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