Thursday, 16 February 2012

Arizona wolf numbers are up

Still plenty more room for more wolves
February 2012. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Arizona Game and Fish Department and other partners in the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project have announced that the endangered Mexican wolf population count increased to a minimum of 58 wolves compared to last year's count of 50. 

The increase is encouraging news for the multi-agency program, especially considering that the state's largest wildfire, the Wallow, burned through three packs' denning areas within weeks of pups being born.

"Even though these numbers are below the target levels of the recovery plan, these elements exhibit a cornerstone achievement in Mexican wolf conservation," continued Voyles, "and this year's count gives credence to the fact that we are moving in a positive direction."

The IFT estimates the Mexican wolf population at a minimum count level because it is impossible to find and verify every uncollared animal that may exist in the wild. However, the 2011 population count is considered one of the most inclusive because the IFT trapped and collared 16 wolves this autumn, allowing biologists to more accurately track and estimate the population than in years when fewer animals were collared.

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    I love this.

    Mexican wolves have been found the only truly unique wolves in North America in terms of their genetics. They might even be the only primitive mosbachensis-type wolf in the whole continent.


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