Monday, 20 February 2012


Big cat claims in area

Derbyshire Times
MAJESTIC panthers and cougars could be roaming our county, which has been described as a “big-cat hotspot” by members of the British Big Cat Society. The predators have been spotted throughout Derbyshire in recent years, with 17 sightings reported to ...

This is another round up of news featuring an interview with Danny Bamping, whom I have heard very little from in the last few years. I am actually not sure where the picture that accompanies the article came from. Meanwhile, This is Somerset reprise the story of the pawprint photographed by the Bristol Barber. We covered this a week or so ago, and Richard Freeman is adamant that the print was made by a dog.

Was this footprint made by a big cat?
This is Somerset
A barber believes he may have captured the paw print of a big cat stalking in the Binegar area. Luigi Armato, 32, snapped the print on his phone near the village while out on a shooting trip with his father and brother. Mr Armato, of Muller Road in ...

and finally, another crypto beer...

Big cat released in Stroud
This is Gloucestershire

"We were keen to bring it back, and we thought because it's a dark beer, a stout, it fitted in well with a big cat theme." Stroud made national headlines after a mystery black beast was spotted in the area, and carcasses originally believed to be ...

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