Wednesday, 15 February 2012

CAT NEWS (including big cats) FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Cat rescued after being frozen to driveway
Tragically, the family who phoned Samms had allowed this cat to suffer in their driveway throughout the entire night and through much of the following day. How he managed to stay alive is a mystery.

Big cat keeps Rahmankhera on tenterhooks
Times of India
And, each one of them has a different story to tell -- some talk about the big cat's preferred route in the morning, others show the spots that it frequents in the evening. The tiger's pugmarks were first seen first on January 9.

Big cat spotted roaming streets of Beach City
Beach City Mayor Billy Combs spotted the large cat crossing the road in front of him onto Cedar Gully Road last week. It went into a wooded area across the street, according to Combs. "It moved pretty quick but I did manage to get a pretty good look at ...

Animal groups target feral cats for sterilization
February 14, 2012Sue Manning, AP Cat owners have done a good job spaying and neutering their pets. The big issue now when it comes to felines is population control of feral cats, and that's led to a movement by animal welfare groups to trap colonies ...

Beach City residents on lookout for big cat spotted in area
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Some Chambers County residents, including the Beach City mayor, believe they saw a large cat in the area, KPRC-TV reported. Residents reportedly saw the large cat, which looked like a bobcat or a mountain lion, near Cedar Gully Road within the past few ...

Tiger Valentine: Zoos' erotic perfume tempts big cats
New Scientist (blog)
The Bronx Zoo in New York discovered a few years ago that big cats adore Obsession for Men. Researchers now even use it in the jungle to bait camera traps, which take pictures in response to motion, and are getting lots more shots of inquisitive...

Cat lost at small airport causes big stir
Achilles, a 3-year-old Bengal cat, is hiding in the ceiling of the Denver Air Center. Achilles' owner Mary Palmer, a pilot, flew a private plane into town on Monday. She and her husband fly a private plane for a living, and they stopped in Denver after ...

Animal groups target wild cat colonies for sterilization
New York Daily News
AP Bobby Haven/The Brunswick News/via AP Tens of millions of cats are feral in the US and fewer than 3 percent of them are sterilized. Cat owners have done a good job spaying and neutering their pets. The big issue now when it comes to felines is ...

Animal groups target feral cats for sterilization
By Sue Manning AP / February 14, 2012 LOS ANGELES—Cat owners have done a good job spaying and neutering their pets. The big issue now when it comes to felines is population control of feral cats, and that's led to a movement by animal welfare groups ...

The Big Issue: Why Teckels needs your help
This is Gloucestershire
Some may know a person who has adopted a cat or dog from the animal sanctuary or perhaps you may have even given an animal in need a new home yourself. COSTLY CARE: Some of the pets which have been looked after by Teckels. It is not a surprise then to ...

Cat hotels growing increasingly popular
"Kitty Worshippers" are kids that come after school and during the weekends to entertain the cats. When the cats leave their rooms, they can romp in big play areas with regular-sized human beds or snuggle down in an array of doll beds.

Anyone for a pet-icure? Owners lavishing their companions to make them 'feel ...
Daily Mail
On the next table, Silver the Persian cat is being treated to a blow dry, white fur flying everywhere, while a bearded shih-tzu called Gizmo looks rather surprised that he has been daubed in spa mud and wrapped in cling film.

Cat's amazing story of survival from Bastrop fire
My big hunting dog didn't make it. Half my chickens and almost all my cats,” said Mizzy. “It makes it easier when you roll up to a house that you can save, and there's a swing set in the back yard, and you know that family's going to have a house.

Animal Tracks: Feb. 12-Feb. 18
Dothan Eagle
Kramer is a big cat with a big heart. He loves attention, and will jump right up to get you to look at him. He has handsome tabby and white fur. Nick is a cool cat with the attitude to match. He loves to lay around in the sunshine and just watch the ...

Courtney Love Claims Her Cat Was Killed By A Mountain Lion, Not Her Hoarding ...
Courtney Love has gone on the attack after a new e-book, Courtney Comes Clean, charged that her hoarding habits were responsible for the death of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain's cat. And, as usual, she's doing her lashing out via Twitter in her ...

Cat owner wants 'special boy' back
“He is not chipped but wearing a collar with name tag and round blue door opening disk.” Erin says he is a big boy, weighing 5kgs and is five-years-old. Crunchie is the second of Erin's cats to have gone missing in the area in the last three weeks.

DCist Staff Pet Contest! Dogs and Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria!
You can see their happiness in those big smiles. Lola is a sweet pooch. It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for Lola. This pup is so cute that in her spare time she plays Nala in the Lion King. Nelson and Marley are our only dog and cat ...

The Eagle Eye: Pet owners vs. animal hoarders
Even though some cats can be very grumpy or spoiled creatures, there are those who like to jump around and get just as hyper as dogs. “Our cat likes to watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet. He tries to chase the cheetahs on the TV screen, it's so funny ...

The Wildcat Sanctuary, 1 of 5 resources helping metro pet owners
By Advocate
“Cats” includes big—lions, tigers, and leopards; medium—bobcats, servals, and Siberian and Canadian lynx; and small—Jungle cats, Geoffreys cats, and hybrid Bengals/Savannahs/Chaussies. TWS's mission—“keep the wild in your heart, ...

linda Mccracken has become a friend of this blog........
By Rick Meril
She is 100% certain that there has been a breeding population of the big Cats in the Northeast going back as far as the 1950's(perhaps they never were fully extirpated from the region per Linda)..........Linda offers her perspective on the "cat" ...

Leopard Kissing Booth
By Rusty Blazenhoff
The folks at Big Cat Rescue made a cardboard kissing booth as an enrichment gift for their leopards. Here's the adorable leopard kissing booth destruction footage. They have also created a downloadable Wild Thing Kissing Booth Photo that ...

Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida
The Big Cat Rescue in Tampa takes in unwanted cats from all over the United States. These cats come from a variety of ways: they are surrendered by owners, ...

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