Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Animal cruelty and neglect convictions rise, says RSPCA

The number of people convicted of animal cruelty and neglect rose by nearly a quarter in England and Wales last year, the RSPCA has said.
Cases included a dog stabbed repeatedly with a potato peeler and a blind kitten found dumped in a carrier bag.
The animal charity said it was facing a funding crisis as a result of having to deal with so many cases.
Its chief executive Gavin Grant said the charity showed "zero tolerance" to people who abused animals.
The RSPCA said other cases included a collapsed and emaciated dog dumped on Christmas morning and a dog which ate her dead mate to survive after being abandoned in a flat.
As well as a rise in those convicted under the Animal Welfare Act and other legislation, there were also increases in both the number of prison sentences imposed for animal cruelty and bans on keeping animals.

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