Sunday, 29 April 2012

It’s Julien MacDonald duck: Gander at these goose-stepping crowd pleasers

‘If they were human, they would be on top money,’ said their owner Brian Harrington, who runs the show.

‘They have an ever-changing wardrobe with the latest fashion styles.

‘I’ve taken bookings from all over the world and when we do street walks with three ducks and a dog, people come out from the shops on both sides.’

He has been putting on the show for 30 years and cleans and irons all the outfits, although he leaves the needlecraft to those with far more nimble fingers.

There was a wedding theme at this year’s annual country show in Sydney, Australia.

Its pièce de résistance came when his bride and groom made their way down the aisle.

Mr Harrington, from New South Wales, also has a nice line in trained pigs. This year, they played a chaotic version of musical chairs.

Bridal sweet: It’s ladies first in Sydney (Picture: Rex)

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