Sunday, 13 May 2012

5-foot gator captured at Lake Mayer

The lure of tasty little ducklings proved too tempting to a 5-foot alligator, which slithered into Lake Mayer in recent days.
Alerted by Chatham County workers and joggers who had been taking video with their smartphones, “Trapper Jack” Douglas caught the young reptile about 9 a.m. Friday. Its full belly was proof of its success trolling the duck-filled water near the main entrance of the park.
“For a public park, they tolerate no alligators,” Douglas said. “If we hadn’t gotten him, he’d have gotten tamer and tamer.”
Douglas believes work near the ponds at the Chatham County Public Works facility off Sallie Mood Drive pushed the gator into the Casey South Canal, which runs about 40 feet north of the lake. The gator easily could hear the ducks calling, and it was an easy crawl from canal to lake, he said.
He hasn’t caught an alligator in Lake Mayer in 10 years, he said.
The alligator, safely trussed with duct tape around its snout and Zip ties around its legs, hissed and thrashed as Curtis Little, a county worker, approached. He got video Thursday, which bounced and ended abruptly as the loose gator turned toward his camera. Even with the gator secured, Little chose to stay back.
Douglas planned to release the gator in a less-populated area about two hours from Savannah.

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