Tuesday, 8 May 2012

'Chicken' frogs survive in new home

Critically endangered frogs reintroduced to the Caribbean island of Montserrat are surviving in their new home, according to conservationists.
Three months after releasing captive-bred frogs, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey, UK reports they are alive and well.
The "mountain chicken" frogs have declined by as much as 80% in the wild.
A fatal fungal disease is affecting amphibians globally.
Described as "iconic", Leptodactylus fallax are one of the world's largest frog species, with females weighing over 900g.
"Due to their size they have very large meaty thighs which they use to leap long distances," said Sarah-Louise Smith, project co-ordinator for the Mountain Chicken Recovery Programme.
Unfortunately this particular attribute caught the attention of local hunters, leading to their curious name.
"Locally their meat is a delicacy, apparently they taste like chicken," explained Ms Smith.

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