Saturday, 12 May 2012

CREWKERNE: Mystery as lost cats reappear

A PAIR of much-loved family pets that mysteriously vanished on the same day in mid-April have just as mysteriously returned.

Cat-lover Margaret Brown believes the four-year-old animals were possibly stolen but later released because of a high-profile community campaign to find them.

The cats, Ginger and Scampy, belong to Mrs Brown and her grandson Peter, 24, who live at Langmead Square, Crewkerne.

The animals disappeared on Friday, April 13th.

After a week of fruitless searching and alerting the police, Cats Protection League, local vets and animal sanctuaries, Mrs Brown asked the Weekender to publicise the animals’ disappearance.

She told us then that her worst fear was that someone malicious had stolen the cats and possibly sold them to get money for drugs.

“It’s very strange that our two cats went missing on the same day,” she added.

But on Monday of last week, Scampy appeared outside the front door, looking fit and well.

And on Monday of this week, Ginger suddenly reappeared in the back garden — 24 days after vanishing.
“He’s half his normal weight. But he seems all right otherwise,” said Mrs Brown.

Since then, Mrs Brown has had both cats “chipped” so that, should they disappear again, they can easily be identified if they are ever taken to a vet.

Mrs Brown said grandson Peter was delighted to have his cats back.

PICTURE: LOST AND FOUND - Margaret Brown is reunited with Ginger and Scampy, the family cats that went mysteriously AWOL

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