Monday, 14 May 2012

Dog walker bumps into wallaby

A dog walker was stunned to come across a wallaby in the wild in Kent - and managed to film the encounter.
Alex Pooley, 29, and her dog Shackleton bumped into the creature on a farm track in Pluckley, reports Kent Online.
She said: "We were in a field near the train station and I saw what I thought was a giant hare, but then it moved and started hopping.
"I was a bit surprised to say the least and the dog was off the lead at the time and he went off to investigate. They ran around for a couple of minutes and then he came back and I put him on the lead.
"Then I saw it hopping down the path towards us. It seemed pretty friendly and quite intrigued because it came right up to us."
Grabbing her mobile phone, Ms Pooley managed to film the animal before it once again hopped off.

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