Friday, 18 May 2012

A Farmer Bets Better Fake Chicken Meat Will Be As Good As The Real Thing - via D R Schoop

Beyond Meat, a new company based in Maryland, has come up with an alternative to chicken meat that it claims is a dead ringer for the real thing. And unlike other meat alternatives on the market, this one aims to be cheap, as well as tasty.

The inspiration for Beyond Meat (formerly known as Savage River Farms) started, oddly enough, in "chicken country." Founder Ethan Brown grew up spending weekends on his family's farm in Grantsville, Md., near the Pennsylvania border.

Growing up around farm animals, Brown says he became increasingly concerned about their welfare. He eventually became a vegan, but was frustrated by the "fake meat" options available, so he started his own company.

Only 12 percent of American households consume meat alternatives, and that number hasn't budged much over the years, says David Browne, (no relation) a senior analyst who tracks the food industry for Mintel, a market-research firm. He says the $340 million U.S. market for meat alternatives is growing modestly, at between 3 and 5 percent a year, while there's a decline in per capita meat consumption.

Ethan Brown is hoping a more realistic taste and texture can boost those numbers, especially among those health conscious young consumers cutting back on meat known as "flexitarians Brown says his goal is for Beyond Meat to break out of the health-food niche and sell to mainstream meat-eaters.

Ethan Brown's process use new technology to turn soy meal and other vegan ingredients into a finished product that mimics chicken meat.


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  1. Id try it. So far the best Chicken alternatives are MorningStar and Gardein.


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